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Colorplan Wedding Selection

Each of the colors from our Colorplan Wedding Selection is versatile. We present them in detail here.
Since not all customers are familiar with the original color names, we also give both versions here.


The light shades of the Colorplan Wedding Selection:

Colorplan Pristine White / White

We selected Pristine White as the white shade from the various shades of white. It is a bright white color with a warm color effect. It has radiance without drowning out. Therefore, the neutral tone fits very well in all design concepts for wedding stationery. It is an elegant companion wherever white is an issue. From the main actor to the fine detail - Pristine White masters each of these roles perfectly.

Colorplan Vellum White / Chamois

With a choice of 55 fabulous shades, finding a favorite is impossible. But we simply cannot get enough of Colorplan Vellum White.
The nudetone, which tends to apricot, is an absolute beauty in itself. Due to its delicacy, the color also fits in any combination. Often this color is that certain something in the mix that was still missing. It is fresh and always underlines the other colors in their effect.
Colorplan Vellum White is the color of choice, especially for bohemian, vintage and floral greenery designs. It is a warm component in cool blue tones like New Blue and Imperial Blue. Minimalist and great rustic concepts can be implemented with modern neutrals such as slate, pebble gray and sand.

Colorplan Natural

Colorplan Natural is very changeable and can be used in many styles. The friendly, natural color is the universal companion for accents. Darker colors such as Imperial Blue or the claret Claret get even more depth and expressiveness in the combination.
At a vintage wedding, Natural is ideal for a mix with kraft paper or other light brown tones from the Colorplan range, such as Walnut.
For Floral Greenery Wedding, the color provides a delicate basis for many shades of green and pink shades.


Colorplan Mist / Sand

Colorplan Sand is a very changeable color because it adapts very well to combined colors. The warm color exudes calm and is the connecting element between bright nuances and strong colors in multi-colored concepts. Together with Pristine White and slate, for example, Colorplan Mist is a great combination for weddings in a minimalist style.
In combination with the Colorplan colors rust, walnut or chamois, there is a great play of colors for a boho wedding.


Colorplan Cool Grey / Light Grey

As the name suggests, Colorplan Cool Grey / Light Grey is a very light, cool shade of gray. In color combinations, it ensures freshness, clarity and radiance. If the color palette remains bright overall, such as for a mix with Pristine White and Mist, Cool Gray enhances the radiance of the white tone. At the same time, the warmth of the sand-colored clay comes into its own. A great combination for minimalist wedding designs.
When mixed with dark colors such as Racing Green or Claret, the cool effect predominates. Chamois / Vellum White compensates for this perfectly. This enables elegant concepts with clean chic to be developed.


Colorplan Pale Grey / Prebble Grey

Colorplan Pale Grey / Prebble Grey is the warm counterpart to Cool Gray. A light gray that goes in the direction of the Pantone® Warm Gray 1. It can be used in many wedding designs. Pale Gray fits perfectly in light color palettes like the minimalist wedding style. The use of this color is also great for vintage weddings, floral greenery and bohemian chic.
The dark colors of wine red and slate make a great combination for winter weddings or mystical designs.


Colorplan Powder Green / Linden Green

The lime green shade of powder green does what it says on the tin. A powdery, light green that is hard to beat in terms of tenderness. It can be seen very well in a purely green floral greenery palette with medium and dark shades of green.
It gets really fresh when combined with Vellum White and New Blue or Cool Gray. A pastel color climate with a focus on lightness and freshness. This is where spring comes in. With Colorplan Rust and Chamois, the bright green also dances beautifully at boho weddings.


The accent colours from the Wedding Selection:

Colorplan New Blue / Steel blue

Colorplan New Blue / Steel blue has become a bit of a secret favorite of the wide range of blue tones in the Colorplan range. The color has something classic, but does not look outdated. Combined with the appropriate colors, a slightly maritime note comes into play without being striking.
Spring and summer designs get the element of water with New Blue. Associations with other design elements such as glass or metal are created for rustic designs, the country house style but also urban styles.
We particularly love steel blue to olive green, chamois and white to dream us of Tuscany.


Colorplan Stone / Walnut

Colorplan Stone / Walnut is a jack of all trades and the variety of combinations is hard to beat.
For vintage weddings, the color can be combined with light pastel shades and handmade paper. If kraft paper is too rustic for you, Colorplan Walnut is an elegant, meaningful alternative. At Foral Greenery Weddings it stands for the earthy component to green and natural white and creamy nuances.
For boho chic stationery we prefer to see walnut with Colorplan Rust, Mist and Natural. For rustic wedding stationery we recommend a mix of colors and materials with shades of gray and Muskat kraft paper.


Colorplan Mid Green / Olive Green

Colorplan Mid Green / Olive Green is a beautiful, natural green with which a wide variety of stationery concepts can be implemented. The theme of greenery can be implemented purely in combination with natural white nuances.
Dark blue, white and olive green are a very elegant combination for an outdoor wedding. With light blues and other papers such as handmade paper, kraft paper or Tintoretto Ceylon, Mid Green is the star of the stationery for vintage weddings.


Colorplan Rust

The trend color Rust is one of the new additions to the Colorplan range. Rust is particularly expressive and a real eye catcher. From stationery for boho weddings, the shade is almost a must. The deep wine red, walnut and sand can be arranged to a warm shade for this theme.
In rustical style and for autumn weddings you can set wonderful accents with rust. Here we particularly like to see Colorplan Slate and Pale Gray / Pebble Gray together with the strong, warm color.
A mix with Vellum White, Mid Green and Claret creates the ultimate Indian summer feeling.


Colorplan Racing green / Dark Green

The dark green of the Colorplan variety is reminiscent of the dark green tones in coniferous forests or the tropical jungle. Depending on which colors are added, the effect can be influenced.
So what could Racing Green do better than the stationery for a floral greenery wedding? Together with linden green and natrual or sand, the perfect color mix results for this wedding style.
But this dark green is also a wonderful choice of colors for autumn and winter weddings. A strong color climate can be created with white and dark red, which is particularly suitable for natural decorative elements such as berries and conifer branches.


Colorplan Imperial Blue / Dark blue

A classic that is always trendy: dark blue. Imperial Blue from Colorplan is this shade. Even with a very reduced design of dark blue, white and a hint of transparent paper, unique, impressive stationery designs can be designed. So that the overall appearance does not appear too dark, you can work with layerings, for example.
Envelope liners in bright white or transparent paper make dark blue envelopes something very special. Calligraphy with white ink on the dark blue paper looks very noble. Alternatively, you can also print in white.
A very modern combination with a modern neutral look can be achieved together with light and dark shades of gray.


Colorplan Claret / Wine red

At first glance, of course, all the signs here are classically elegant.
This beautiful, deep red shade is originally called Claret. Red wine, this is exactly what this Colorplan color hits exactly.
Together with pearly shimmering metallic papers, Claret looks extremely elegant. Natural and creamy white shades stand for fine wedding stationery. This enables an incredible number of coherent concepts to be designed.
But here too you can boldly combine with other colors. A pink accent with the candy pink of the paper type to wine red and linden green result in a fairytale but modern color palette.
Vellum White and Claret together with Colorplan Sorbet Yellow or the citrus from the Crush paper type is also to fall in love with.


Colorplan Slate

We close the color spectrum of our Colorplan Wedding Selection with the new color slate.
It is a particularly dark shade of gray, which nevertheless does not look too cool. Slate is very elegant and is more versatile than you might think at first. A strong base can be created for minimalistic stationery that has the power of black, but is much softer and warmer. White, silver or gold lettering and style elements ensure a noble effect.
For rustic weddings, slate uses materials such as stone or dark metals. If it should not look too reduced, combinations with bright, friendly yellow tones, sand, walnut and rust are ideal.
For a mix of materials, we recommend the types Crush, Countryside and Muskat kraft paper as well as handmade cards.


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