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Floral Greenery Wedding

Floral Greenery weddings focus on the natural. This naturalness runs through from the beginning of the planning to the thank you cards. Here nuances of the classic white palette for weddings mix with refreshing green and floral details.

The colour range for Floral Greenery weddings

Of course green tones play a very important role. The palette here ranges from lime green, olive, kiwi and green tea to strong tones such as moss or dark green. Colours of light blossoming flowers are added according to your own taste. Delicate rosé, blush or nude and other pastel shades bring lightness into the picture.

Matching papers for Floral Greenery weddings

In the stationery for a Floral Greenery wedding, naturalness is not only expressed through the colour palette. With this natural style, floral colours and motifs meet delicate handwriting in wedding stationery. Natural papers with a natural feel are a must for this stationery.
These range from real handmade paper to Flora and coloured fine papers such as Colorplan or Crush (all FSC-certified):

Handmade papers
Our genuine handmade paper, handmade cards or handmade envelopes create a particularly noble impression. The characteristic deckle edges make the paper look very natural. Our favourites for Floral Greenery weddings are: handmade paper cards green tea and

The natural paper has a very natural character. It has fine inclusions and a cotton content of 10 %. Also 30% recycled fibres are used in the production of the fine paper.

The effective paper captivates with a wonderful soft colour spectrum. The colours pick up on the residues of corn, citrus fruits, grapes, kiwis, olives and almonds used in production. This makes Crush a particularly sustainable paper.

With a fantastic range of 55 colours, the fine paper offers a whole bouquet of possibilities for wedding stationery. In the green spectrum alone there are eight different shades of green to choose from:
Powder Green / Linden Green
Pistachio / Pistachio Green
Park Green / Light Green
Mid Green / Olive Green
Emerald / Emerald Green
Lockwood Green / Billiard Table Green
Forest / Forest
Racing Green / Christmas Tree Green Green
Some of these can also be found, for example, in ourColorplan Wedding Selection by Papier Direkt.
With filigree calligraphy or typography as well as floral elements the Floral Greenery style can be especially emphasized.

Location & Decoration elements

Weddings in the Floral Greenery look are mostly held outdoors or in a bright, open space: this underlines the aspect of the natural once again. From a beautiful winery to your own garden, there are plenty of great locations for both large and small weddings.
Many DIY projects and professional work go into the decoration for Floral Greenery weddings. The main thing is that it remains discreet and natural. So ivy becomes a beautiful garland or glass bottles and preserving jars become flower vases. Some decorative elements can also be found simply outdoors during a walk: grasses, ears of corn, fern leaves or wild flowers.

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