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Watercolour Cards - Worth Knowing

The blank watercolour cards are made of grained 300 g/m² watercolour board and offer a robust painting surface. The outside of the cards has a rougher surface that can be painted with watercolour paints. This felt mark corresponds to a cold pressed watercolour paper. The watercolour cards are particularly suitable for wet-on-wet techniques, such as Loose Watercolor paintings or Watercolor Landscapes. The smoother inside can be very well processed and labelled with dry technique.

The watercolour cardboard is made of 100 % cellulose, acid-free and age-resistant.
The folding cards are pre-grooved. Since the groove does not have to be created by hand, the watercolour cards can be folded easily and well. The cards are delivered plano and can thus be painted perfectly. We recommend fixing the watercolour cards for painting with a clipboard or jaw clamps or washi tape.

Watercolour card formats:

Three different formats for a wide range of design options:
Watercolour Cards DIN A5, high double (suitable for DIN C5 envelopes)
Square watercolour cards in 148 x 148 mm format , double (suitable for square envelopes in the format 155 x155 mm or 160 x 160 mm)
Die Refills of the Luma Watercolour Box in DIN A5 format can be used as simple watercolour cards.


The blank watercolour cards can be worked with watercolours, gouache, airbrush, tempera, outliners, multiliners, pen and ink, and acrylic markers..

For whom are the watercolour cards suitable?

The versatile watercolour cards are suitable for graphic artists and illustrators, designers, calligraphers and hobby artists - beginners and experienced alike..

What the blank watercolour cards can be used for?

Landscape Watercolour, Floral Watercolour, Loose Watercolor, Urban Sketching, Watercolor Landscapes and Calligraphy. They are also ideal for projects using a variety of media such as watercolour combined with inks, acrylic markers etc.

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